Special Filtration

In this business unit, you’ll find filter components for special applications, for example for chemical industry or pharmaceutical industry.

Application and product examples

Technology & Special Futures

The high-quality products in our business unit Special Filtration are also suitable for product filtration, among other things. Benefit from our diversity, flexibility and technical level.

Key Facts

  • filter cloths for plate sizes up to 3,300 mm x 2,500 mm
  • innovative development of filter cloths with special feeding device in combination with a strong and robust filter fabric, the high personal rights of service life, cake loosening behavior and filtration influence
  • products for ultra-fine filtration in the chemical industry: our drip-proof filter cloths made of highly separating microfiber needle felt seek a separation efficiency of over 50% with particle values ​​of 1.2 µm without the addition of filter aids (e.g. in color pigment filtration)


ZERO ®  Filter Bag

Filter Bag

Filter Cloth

ZERO ® Filter Pocket

Filter Pocket

Filter Belt

Filter Cloth with Special Feeding Hole


Compressed Air Cartridge


Spill-proof Filter Cloth