CASAPROTECT ® Water Treatment

In addition to filtration, Junker-Filter also offers sustainable solutions for drinking water disinfection, sanitation and decalcification.

Our CASAPROTECT ® products at a glance:

  • AGIL drinking water disinfection system
  • physical separators
  • Ion exchangers
  • other systems and accessories (e.g. dosing stations, salt tablets, citric acid)

AGIL Drinking Water Disinfection

  • highly effective reduction of and long-lasting protection against germs and legionella by combining a variety of reactive substances
  • extremely environmentally friendly drinking water disinfection process (no use of external disinfectants)
  • no transport or storage of very toxic chemicals
  • no use of personnel specially trained in toxic chemicals
  • Compliance with the legal limit values ​​of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV2001)
  • Maintenance is carried out every six months by CASAPROTECT

AGIL Plant

AGIL Plant in action

Physical Separators

Physical separatiors are used to change the lime crystal structure. This can prevent limescale build-up. In addition, existing deposits in the water pipe are removed.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • efficient removal of lime and effective removal of incrustations
  • Leakage reduction
  • prevents the lines from overgrowing
  • thereby increasing the water pressure again
  • Adaptation of the device performance to the water flow rate
  • no change in minerals in the drinking water; no influence on the pH value
  • maintenance free

Physical Separators

CASAMAT Ion Exchanger

  • for the effective removal of limescale in the entire drinking water system
  • to ensure full functionality, maintenance should be carried out every two years (checking the control head, the functions and replacing the resin)

CASAMAT Ion Exchanger

Areas of Application

  • Health & Care (hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes, hotels, communal facilities)
  • House & sanitation (old and new buildings, renovation, single and multi-family houses)
  • Industry (food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, cooling water disinfection)

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