More than just a slogan…

For us, “Innovation in Filtration” is not just a slogan or statement, but also part of our mission.

With our own research and development department we are already developing innovative products in the field of filter technology for tomorrow’s customer requirements. We have a broad network consisting of institutions and universities. (Learn more about our network)

In addition to the classic development from the field of mechanical process engineering, we also focus on new business challenges, such as Industry 4.0 and Digitization.

Below you can see an overview of our components of innovation:

Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] Simulation

Adaptive production processes with 3D printing

MFCA – Material Flow Cost Accounting and CO₂ analysis

Product innovation ZERO ® Design


In addition to the product side, we also live “innovation in filtration” on the process side: our own in-house mechanical engineering department provides the basis for being able to implement special customer requests quickly and flexibly. The engineering is supported by our own design department and local partners. Through extensive automation and innovation, we secure training and jobs in Germany.