Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller visits Junker-Filter

2020-08-12 | Junker-Filter

As part of this year’s summer tour “Environment – Future” we got the chance to welcome the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Untersteller, and the Lord Mayor, Mr. Albrecht, to an energy-related discussion at Junker-Filter on August 6th, 2020.

Nowadays, energy and environmentally conscious behavior is becoming increasingly important. In addition, the question arises to what extent the two terms ecology and economy contradict or can also be linked. Building on these topics, the discussion was further deepened with our own practical experience.

We are very happy about the interest from politics and we would like to thank all participants:

Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller, personal advisor of the Minister Jonas Thomae, Lord Mayor of Sinsheim Jörg Albrecht, City Councilor Anja Wirtherle, Member of the Landtag (Grünen) Hermino Katzenstein, Managing Director of Climate Protection and Energy Consulting Heidelberg Dr. Klaus Keßler and Dr. Nicolai Freiwald from the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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